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Non-traditional Journeys

You may be what we call a non-traditional learner. NOVA is a welcoming community for learners of all ages and backgrounds.

Customized Academic Journeys

Does this sound like you? You’re over 25, and trying to earn a degree that you didn’t have time for at a younger age. Or you’re a high school student hoping to get ahead by taking college-level courses now. Or maybe you want to be the first in your family to graduate college, and could use some additional support? NOVA can help with all of these scenarios – and many more.

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Adult Learners

You are never too old to earn a degree. Whether you are 18 or 80, we have the program for you.

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Dual Enrollment

Did you know that you can start studying at NOVA, even before you graduate high school? Find out how.

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First Year Admission

These resources are designed to support First Year Students through the getting started process at NOVA.

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General Education

What if you didn’t have to choose a single path of study? College is a way to expand your horizons, and a general education certificate may be the best way to do that. Two semesters are all it takes.

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Pathway to Baccalaureate

Studies have confirmed that, with effective support and guidance, students from underserved and high-risk populations can excel in college. Of course they can. NOVA is part of a consortium of educational institutions that makes certain of it.

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Want to Talk About Your Unique journey?

If you have a non-traditional path to a degree in mind, talk it over with an academic advisor. We can help.

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