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What if you didn’t have to choose a single path of study? College is a way to expand your horizons, and a general education certificate may be the best way to do that. Two semesters are all it takes.

NOVA’s General Education certificate gives you the opportunity to study a broad range of topics: in the Arts, Communication, Science and much more. Build your own curriculum, and talk to an advisor about transferring earned credits to a four-year school.

Make the Smart Choice

  • In 2006, the VCCS Task Force on General Education proposed the following goals for general education competency: Communication, Critical Thinking, Cultural and Social Understanding, Information Literacy, Personal Development, Quantitative Reasoning and Scientific Reasoning.

Programs That Span Your Interests

There is no need to wait until you have a specific major in mind. General Education means you can study what you want, starting right now.

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How to Get Started

  1. Browse for classes you want to study at NOVA.

  2. Enroll for classes during the upcoming semester.

  3. Speak to an academic advisor.

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