Get a Head Start

Start Your Academic Journey Early

Did you know that you can start studying at NOVA, even before you graduate high school?

That’s right, you can earn college credits while still working on your diploma. NOVA’s Dual Enrollment allows motivated high schoolers, who demonstrate readiness for college, to study alongside enrolled NOVA students in preparation for the next step. Start early, and you may be able to finish college early, which saves time and money.

Make the Smart Choice

  • Dual Enrollment credits can be transferred to four-year colleges.

  • Students in a Dual Enrollment program can study online, or on one of NOVA’s campuses.

Programs to Get You Started

You’re ready for college coursework now, so why wait? Dual Enrollment makes it easy to take your learning to the next level.

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How to Get Started

  1. Speak to an academic advisor.

  2. Submit an application to NOVA.

  3. Take placement tests in English and Math.

  4. Get permission from a high school counselor, principal and parent/guardian through a NVCC 125-207 form.

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Ready to Talk to an Advisor?

If you’re ready to start college-level coursework, we’re thrilled to have you here. Ask questions, or set up a time to visit when of NOVA’s campuses.

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