Removing Barriers to Earning a Degree

All Students Deserve a Chance to Succeed

Studies have confirmed that, with effective support and guidance, students from underserved and high-risk populations can excel in college. Of course they can!

Pathway to the Baccalaureate is an award-winning consortium of 10 educational institutions in Northern Virginia providing a seamless web of support as students transition from high school, through NOVA, to a four-year college or university.

Make the Smart Choice

  • 85% of students in the Pathway have successfully transitioned from high school to a higher ed institution.

  • Pathway was featured in Washington Post Magazine in April 2014 as "NOVA's Extraordinary Pipeline to College."

An Education You Can Afford

Pathway to a Baccalaureate students are active participants in NOVA’s Financial Aid offering.

More About Financial Aid

How to Get Started

  1. Find out if your high school participates in Pathway.

  2. Work with a Pathway Counselor to develop your custom plan.

  3. Apply for financial aid and scholarships.

  4. Enroll for classes at NOVA.

  5. Continue working through Pathway with an on-campus Pathway Counselor.

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How Can We Help Get You Started?

NOVA’s will always remain committed to underserved and at-risk students. Get in touch, and we’ll make a plan to get you here.

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