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Right out of high school? Want to enhance your job skills, or switch to a different field altogether? A short time in the classroom can pay big dividends over a long career.

College isn't just lectures and labs. What better way to learn than getting hands-on training and certification in a range of industries that interest you. Whether you work in Healthcare or IT, or want to learn Automotive or HVAC technology, NOVA can get you into the field with more earning power.

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  • One-third of NOVA students pursue a career training path.

  • NOVA graduates are sought after by top employers in Northern Virginia / Greater DC.

Programs to Take Your Career to the Next Level

Our training and certificate programs may just be the boost you need to get ahead in a competitive market. Why wouldn’t you enroll?

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How to Get Started

  1. Speak to an academic advisor.

  2. Create a student profile in MyWorkforce.

  3. Browse for classes that interest you.

  4. Start learning, then start earning.

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