Undecided, but Undeterred

"I was first undecided, but now I can say I'm an entrepreneur."

Undecided Student - Andrea
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Explore Your Options Before You Declare

Haven’t decided on a major yet? You’re not alone. Plenty of NOVA students sample our courses before choosing a path of study.

It’s OK to be undecided upon enrolling at NOVA. In fact, roughly one-third of students begin their NOVA experience this way. The important next steps are:

  • Find courses that interest you.
  • Choose a NOVA campus that has the classes you want.
  • Start communicating with an academic advisor early in the enrollment process.

We’re confident that your intellectual curiosity will take over from there.

Make the Smart Choice

  • More than 75,000 students are currently enrolled at NOVA, choosing classes from 130+ programs.

  • Academics are just one part of the NOVA student experience. You can also explore clubs, organizations and student government to find your passion.

Programs That Let You Create Your Own Path

Honestly, your educational journey belongs to you. So study whatever feels right. Business, Dentistry, Fine Art, Massage Therapy… the choice is yours!

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How to Get Started

  1. Browse for classes you want to study at NOVA.

  2. Enroll for classes during the upcoming semester.

  3. Speak to an academic advisor.

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