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Partner with the Office of Student Success & Reach Your Academic Goal

The Office of Student Success will support you in reaching your goal. A team of experts (High School Outreach Coordinators, First Year Advisors, and Faculty Advisors) are prepared and available to ensure you get connected, pick the right classes, and succeed. 

Make the Smart Choice

  • Over 6,000 students graduate from NOVA, annually.

  • Over 11,000 student transfer from NOVA to a 4-year College/University, annually.

Explore Your Options and Start Your Academic Journey

Take a look at the diverse academic programs available. Your High School Outreach Coordinator will help you choose the best route for either: transfer to a 4-year school OR immediate preparation to the workforce.

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How to Get Started

  1. Connect with a High School Outreach Coordinator & learn how to get started. Follow the steps outlined in our College Planning Guide.

  2. Submit an application to NOVA. Visit the Tutorials page to learn how to apply to NOVA, about the Programs of Study and Residency/Domicile Sections.

  3. Determine the best-fit class (through GPA/score submission OR placement testing).

  4. Remove enrollment holds.

  5. Complete New Student Orientation & Enroll in classes.

  6. Pay for classes by the deadline. Apply for financial aid & scholarships.

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How Can We Help Get You Started?

NOVA’s will always remain committed to underserved and at-risk students. Get in touch, and we’ll make a plan to get you here.

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