For students across the age spectrum, distance learning is an increasingly popular option. In fact, according to federal data, more than a third of all college and university students in 2018 took at least one course online, increasing from 33.1% in 2017 to 34.7% the following year.

In light of the spread of COVID-19, distance learning has increased dramatically at all academic levels — from preschool to graduate studies. For students at Northern Virginia Community  College and other higher education institutions, the switch to learning online is a valuable opportunity to continue their education despite campus closures that might otherwise have delayed degree progress.

Although learning online is a recent shift for many students, NOVA has a long and distinguished track record of offering online programs that engage learners of all backgrounds and aspirations. As a result, NOVA is uniquely equipped to help every student overcome any challenges associated with this online shift in education.

If you are an adult learner navigating online learning for the first time (or even a returning student who is still adjusting to the format), NOVA is committed to helping you develop the study skills you need to academically survive — and thrive.

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