NOVA Student is Awarded With Prestigious National Awards

With a story that includes years of homelessness and challenging family issues, 19-year-old Niketas Koussis is transforming adversity into action. Today, Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society (PTK) awarded Koussis, a student at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), with two of the nation’s top scholarships recognizing outstanding academic achievement among college students.

Koussis and his mother were homeless from his seventh to tenth-grade years. "These ended up being the roughest five years of my life," Koussis said, "we bounced from motels to homeless shelters and were even forced to sleep in our car during my sophomore year in high school. I experienced days where my only meal was the free one at school and I struggled because I didn’t have access to the technology I needed to complete my homework. But, I didn’t give up and I made sure all of my assignments were turned in, on time." Regardless of how problematic life became for Koussis, he pushed through the adversity and he never looked-for pity regarding his situation.

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