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NOVA has extensive resources to make your child’s academic experience a success.

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Like any parent, you want see your child thrive in college. At NOVA we have the support system in place to help all students, and all families, be successful. And it doesn’t hurt that our six campuses provide the quality of a major college or university – without the additional costs.

Not Your Typical Community College

Your child will get the complete college experience at NOVA, and you’ll pay less than you would for a four-year school.

NOVA is the second largest community college in the United States. Our 75,000+ students are a diverse population from the commonwealth of Virginia, neighboring states, and 150+ foreign countries. Our six campuses are inclusive and promote a vigorous, but always respectful, exchange of ideas. And our facilities are state-of-the-art, so graduates are prepared to be innovators when they step on 4-year campuses, or enter the job market


An Affordable Education Within Your Reach

Send your child to college without going broke. A four-year degree can be expensive. Two years at NOVA can put your child in a position to take the next step, while you remain within your budget.

Find out how NOVA offers considerable Financial Aid options to eligible students.

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Your Child’s Success is Our Success

At NOVA, your child is more than just a number, more than just an applicant, more than just an enrolled student. You become part of the NOVA family.

Explore the range of services and benefits we offer to make sure that NOVA is a safe and nurturing environment for your child.

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We encourage families to reach out at any point along your child’s academic journey. What can the NOVA family do for you?

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