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Low tuition rates and transfer opportunities allow you to save thousands on your education.

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NOVA offers you the ability to go to college without going broke. A four-year degree can be expensive. Two years at NOVA can get you where you want to be, within your budget, without sacrificing your academic goals to do it.

Our scholarships, grants, loans and work-study opportunities can make your college education more affordable than you ever thought possible.

A Little Aid Can Make a Big Difference

Did you know? NOVA awarded over $123M in Financial Aid to 20,619 students in 2017.

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Although I was academically ready to attend college after high school, I wasn’t financially or mentally ready since I was still adjusting to the educational system in the United States ... I did my research and decided to attend NOVA’s Woodbridge Campus in the fall. To pay for my first semester tuition, I worked during the summer with Prince William County Schools as a teacher assistant for their ESL program.

Rommel Aguilar

How to Get Started

  1. Apply for admission, and declare a major in an eligible program of study.

  2. Go to www.fafsa.gov and apply for your FSA ID. Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

  3. Verify the information on your Student Aid Report.

  4. Check the status of your financial aid application on myNOVA.

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Talk to a Financial Aid advisor today, and find out how NOVA can assist you in reaching your academic goals. We believe in giving qualified students a chance to overcome financial barriers.

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