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NOVA’s Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Accounting

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Accounting, A.A.S.

At some major companies, CFOs are the new CEOs. Accounting is just that important, and it’s cool to be a number cruncher. If you find that hard to believe, come see for yourself. Every business in every industry needs a financial wizard.

NOVA’s A.A.S. in Accounting is excellent for those interested in the organization and reporting of financial data. Upon completion of the program, students can take an additional three courses for the Accounting Career Services Certificate, and then are eligible to proceed to the CPA exam (if other education requirements are satisfied).  Contact the Virginia Board of Accountancy for all education requirements.

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  • Transfer is not the primary goal of an A.A.S. degree, but transfer resources are available for students interested in applying to senior institutions.

  • Even if you are already working in Accounting, studying at NOVA can be an excellent means of career development and advancement.

NOVA helped me to get back on my feet, transfer to Old Dominion University, and save money in the process. Thanks to NOVA, I now have a good amount of prerequisites out of the way and I am on track to completing my Bachelor’s in Accounting.

Olivia Appiah

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