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NOVA's Associate of Science (AS) degree in Business Administration

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Business Administration, A.S.

Business leaders have to start somewhere, and NOVA is the perfect springboard for aspiring C-level executives. Our program prepares business-savvy students to make the move from the classroom to the boardroom.

NOVA’s AS in Business Administration is the first step for students looking to earn a B.S., M.B.A., or a PhD. Graduates are prepared for further study, or careers, in Accounting, Management, Information Systems, Finance, Marketing, etc.

Make the Smart Choice

  • The AS in Business Administration transfers easily to four-year schools with a Business Administration program.

  • Once you have a transfer school in mind, consult an advisor regarding requirements and courses.

I am a dual major student in Information Technology and Business Administration. I have always had interest in Information Technology but with the help of my advisor Ms. Andria M Shoates I was able to be a part of Business Administration program without even costing me a lot. NOVA has been helping me in so many different ways to graduate with the best outcomes, also with as many transferable credits as possible.

Gaffar Shareef

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