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NOVA’s Associate of Science (A.S.) degree in General Studies

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General Studies, A.S.

Who says you have to pick a specialty? Being a generalist can be a great thing. Leonardo Da Vinci was a generalist. So was Benjamin Franklin. NOVA's General Studies AS allows you to explore your interests and find your passion, while laying the groundwork for a career in any field.

NOVA’s A.S. in General Studies leaves students with a lot of options. Transfer to a four-year institution, increase your value to current or potential employers, or just keep on learning.

Make the Smart Choice

  • The A.S. in General Studies transfers to four-year schools with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program – but is dependent on which electives you choose.

  • Some colleges and universities do not allow General Studies degrees for guaranteed admission. Speak with an advisor to find the right transfer school for you.

Want to Talk About Your Options?

As a General Studies major, you have a lot of options. Talk through them with one of our advisors.

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