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These programs are for the 2022-2023 catalog year. For past years, see the College Catalog.

  • Nursing, A.A.S.

    The program is designed to prepare students to participate as contributing members of the healthcare team, rendering direct care to patients in a variety of healthcare facilities and agencies.

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  • Occupational Therapy Assistant, A.A.S.

    The program is designed to provide students with the philosophical, theoretical, and clinical knowledge necessary to provide quality occupational therapy.

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  • Paralegal Studies, A.A.S.

    The curriculum is designed to provide an individual with a sufficient level of knowledge, understanding, and proficiency to perform the tasks associated with meeting a client's needs.

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  • Personal Training, C.S.C.

    This program is based on the standards of the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and prepares students to become knowledgeable fitness professionals in health clubs, recreation departments, and fitness facilities in private, commercial, corporate, or government settings.

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  • Photography and Media, A.A.S.

    The curriculum is designed to prepare students for diverse career options within the field of photography and digital imaging.

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  • Physical Therapist Assistant, A.A.S.

    The program is designed to prepare students to utilize exercise, specialty equipment, and other treatment procedures to prevent, identify, correct, and alleviate movement dysfunction.

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  • Professional Writing, Certificate

    The Professional Writing Certificate program prepares candidates to compose documents and manage professional communications for a variety of contemporary professions, including business, military, medicine, government, science, and industry.

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  • Psychology, A.S.

  • Public History and Historic Preservation, C.S.C.

    This curriculum is designed for persons seeking to develop research, analytical, and field skills in historic preservation, archaeology, and museum studies sufficient for the student to continue or to participate in local community-based projects.

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  • Radiation Oncology, A.A.S.

    Through a collaborative arrangement with Virginia Western Community College (VWCC), NOVA students have access to the VWCC Radiation Oncology Program.

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  • Radiography, A.A.S.

    The curriculum is designed to prepare students to produce diagnostic images of the human body through safe application of x-radiation. The radiographer is a central member of the health care team and assists the radiologist, a physician specialized in body image interpretation.

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  • Respiratory Therapy, A.A.S.

    The curriculum is designed to prepare students to be effective members of the healthcare team in assisting with diagnosis, treatment, management, and preventive care of patients with cardiopulmonary problems.

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