Big School Experience, Small School Feel

We don't take the word "community" for granted.

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More Than Just a Place to Study

NOVA has all the physical qualities of four-year colleges: common areas, libraries, classrooms, athletic facilities, etc. But more importantly, life at NOVA has an intangible quality, a feeling of community.

Academics are only a part of the available opportunities for growth. Join a club, perform in a play, take a fitness class, attend a lecture.

Student Life Comes Alive

At NOVA, you won’t be missing out on college life. Sports, theater, activism, government – you’ll find all of it here, too.

Student Life

Before I made the decision to come to NOVA, I attended a four year institution that was close to my house. After my first semester there I decided it wasn’t for me. I wasn’t ready for that particular college experience. It was a big school and I felt like it was a lot harder for me to find my footing.

Brittany Shearer

Make the Smart Choice

  1. NOVA’s College Catalog is your guide to academic life: admission, enrollment, degrees and certificates, academic policies and leadership.

  2. All NOVA campuses provide tutoring services absolutely free to students.

  3. If you need special accommodations, NOVA’s Disability Support Services can ensure your safety and accessibility.

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We want to make your experience at NOVA unique and memorable. Talk to one of our advisors, then become part of our community.

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