Define and Achieve Your Goals

Every academic division at NOVA has advisors to help you customize your experience and be successful.

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Let Us Give You a Bit of Advice

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could talk to an academic advisor or counselor on-site, by email or even through Live Chat?

At NOVA, you can. We take a hands-on approach to supporting our students as they navigate college life. Our staff can help you:

  • Define your academic and career goals
  • Receive personal counseling
  • Choose a program that matches your interests
  • Prepare to transfer to a four-year institution
  • Find disability accommodations
  • Stay in school if you are struggling academically or socially

(Note: Mental health counseling is not available, but NOVA can help with referrals in your local community.)

Support Through Your Academic Division

Once you have selected a degree program, you can be paired with a faculty expert in your field of study who will serve as your academic advisor. Each campus and academic division has slightly different guidelines for advising, so take a minute to get familiar with your options.

More About Academic Advisors

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